Chart Framing and Time: The Connection with Day trading and 15 Minute Charts

Day traders are constantly trying to find new ways to improve their numbers and boost their overall efficiency. Charting has become a major aspect of day trading, but some investors get carried away with the differential used, the priority they place on them, and the way they chart for their results.

The below information looks at a very practical component of day trading. It is the allocation of the charts and how they should be created in regards to time. Do day traders use 30-minute intervals or just a single day? Do they add minute-by-minute differences or just an average? These things matter. But, it is how they are used that matters most.

The Best Time Interval

What is the best interval? Many people use the 15-minute system, but why? The 15-minute chart is not so small that it can be erratic and messy. Some people use the 5-minute chart, and that seems too cumbersome. But, it also allows for investors to see nuances that would not be clearly visible if they opted for a four hour or even a one-hour system.

What makes a Time Differential Effective

Charting is really about presenting price differences in manageable blocks. So, it hardly matters how the time differentials are created. As long as two factors are included, the data can be helpful. These are

  • An understanding that the numbers need to be charted consistently. Use 15 minutes or an hour. It has to be consistent for the patterns to even begin to be analyzed in a logical way.
  • There has to be a lot of information, over a period of time, for it to be truly valuable.

A single day of reports, in isolation, hardly tells the full story. It can only offer a tiny glimpse into the whole system. Further, day trading relies on consistent data and solid charting. Make a miss in either area and the whole thing can fall apart.

There is a whole lot more to learn. The learning never ends. Visitors can visit here for Markus Heitkoetter information. He is a popular day trader who has explained his methods in charting and investing as a whole.