How to Gauge Powder Coating Reliability

When a piece of metal needs to be painted, many businesses opt for a powder coating. This is a process that uses an electrostatic charge to attract a positively charged airborne powder to a particular piece of metal. This powder has pigment in it and is attracted to the metal through the electrostatic charge. Once this process has been completed, the product is cured through a heating process that allows an extremely thick skin of pigment to cover the metal. This results in a fantastic finish, but it also results in a finish that is extremely durable, which is something other metal paints simply can’t boast about.

Monitoring the Process

The real question isn’t about the look or the longevity of powder coatings, but more about powder coating reliability. This has much more to do with the way the powder coating is applied as opposed to the technology that is actively used in powder coating. Many times, companies that provide powder coating and monitor the process of powder coating on a regular basis tend to have finished products that have a much more reliable finish than those that don’t pay attention to quality.

Proper Prep Work

There are many factors that go into quality reliability when it comes to powder coating. Making sure the surface is properly treated is important, and using different types of treatments as the product requires is important. However, treating a product before powder coating is only one aspect that will need to be routinely monitored.

The Condition of the Powder Coding Equipment

Another important factor is maintaining the equipment used in the powder coating process. If the equipment is regularly monitored, serviced, and repaired as necessary, the reliability of the coating is going to be exceptional. However, if a company takes a hands-off approach and continues to use equipment that needs servicing, the quality of the coating could suffer greatly.

It’s important that, if you are contracting a powder coating provider, you make sure the reliability of the finishes they provide is exceptional. That’s why looking for quality assurance standards, as well as checking out past customers of a particular provider, may be a great way to choose the provider of all of your powder coating needs.