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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Renesmee Grown Up


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The second part of the book is written from the perspective of Jacob Black, a werewolf who had also fallen in love with Bella. A month after the wedding, Bella calls her father, Charlie Swan, and says that she is sick. Charlie relays this to Billy Black, Jacob's father, and Billy relays it to the pack. Jacob thinks that Bella is now a vampire and attempts to lead an assault on the Cullens for breaking the treaty. When he arrives, he discovers that Bella is sick, but it is from her pregnancy, not from Edward having changed her into a vampire. Jacob begs Bella to have an abortion to save her life, as neither Carlisle with his medical training nor Alice with her ability to see the future are optimistic about Bella's prognosis. Despite concerns from both Jacob and Edward that the pregnancy will kill her, Bella decides to continue her pregnancy, believing she'll survive long enough to give birth and be saved once she's transformed into a vampire. As werewolves are telepathic, able to hear the thoughts of their pack members, through Jacob, they learn of the situation in the Cullens' home and, fearing Bella will give birth to a bloodthirsty child she cannot control, want to kill Bella in order to destroy the fetus. Jacob refuses, and when Sam uses an alpha command to force Jacob, Jacob accepts his bloodline as the true leader of the pack and breaks free of Sam's control. He runs off to warn the Cullens of the pack's plan to kill Bella. However, while en route, Seth Clearwater, one of the younger pack members, joins Jacob and makes note of the fact that neither of them can hear the others' thoughts and that they had formed their own pack. They warn the Cullens and take up patrol around the Cullens' property. Leah, Seth's older sister, joins them shortly afterward. After a chance remark by Jacob, they discover that Bella has to drink blood for the fetus to stop feeding on her body. Bella gets better, but the fetus grows swiftly and the timing of birth is unknown due to the lack of any related medical knowledge on human-vampire births. Carlisle, the experienced doctor, is out of the house to replenish blood supplies from a hospital blood bank when Bella falls, detaching the placenta and inducing labor. The baby breaks many of her bones, including her spine, and she loses massive amounts of blood. In order to save her life, Edward changes her into a vampire by injecting his venom into her heart. Jacob, thinking that Bella is dead, and blaming Bella's daughter Renesmee as the cause, tries to kill Renesmee. Instead, he "imprints"—an involuntary response in which a shape-shifter finds his soul mate—on her.

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