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Many wrote of the band's oversimplification of the staging. Others felt the "in the round" staging ignored forty percent of the audience. Leah Greenblatt (MTV News) felt the show at the Rose Garden was "electric". She continues "Justin was quickly established as the star of the show — at least as far as the Jumbotron cameramen were concerned — with JC running a close second. Joey, Lance and Chris have all the moves down, but appear to be going through the motions at times; this is the JC and Justin Show, and the others seemed resigned to their supporting-player status". Kelefa Sanneh (The New York Times) thought the show at the Continental Airlines Arena was entertaining given the pseudo-intimate vibe. She continues, "The group is getting older, and its audience is, too: the young woman in the 'Justin I'm legal' t-shirt may not have been misrepresenting herself. And this tour is clearly designed to emphasize the group's musical credibility. And yet NSYNC is still a boy band, which means its existence—and its self-image—depends on its ability to entertain screaming teenagers".

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