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Harring is most well known for her performance in David Lynch's film Mulholland Drive (2001), opposite Naomi Watts and Justin Theroux. She played both the characters of "Rita" (an amnesiac who names herself after Rita Hayworth when seeing the name on a poster for the movie Gilda) and "Camilla". In response to her performance and the choice of her for the role, film critic Roger Ebert wrote, "Not many actresses would be bold enough to name themselves after Rita Hayworth, but Harring does, because she can. Slinky and voluptuous in clinging gowns, all she has to do is stand there and she's the first good argument in 55 years for a Gilda remake. " Comparisons were also made between Harring and Ava Gardner by The International Herald Tribune. In 2002 she was awarded the American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Award for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film for her performance. Harring went on to work twice more with Lynch—as an anthropomorphic rabbit in the limited series Rabbits (2002) and in a cameo appearance in Inland Empire (2006).

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