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Mad Father takes place in northern Germany, where an 11-year old protagonist, Aya Drevis, lives with her parents, Alfred and Monika Drevis, and their maid Maria. Aya is a shy girl who never goes outside. Her mother is incredibly ill, while her father performs secret research in his laboratory in the house's basement, with the assistance of Maria. Neither Aya nor Monika know the truth of what he is actually doing, though both are curious to find out. Monika dies. One year later, on the anniversary of Monika's death, Aya awakens at midnight to find herself surrounded by test subjects that escaped from the laboratory. Fleeing back into her room, Aya encounters the mysterious salesman Ogre, who offers her the task of solving puzzles to break into her father's laboratory and uncover his secret. The game has three endings based on the player's choices. At the end, Aya soon finds out that her mother had been killed by her own father. Due to that, her father decided to make Aya into a doll and Aya had to escape her home but Maria was injured by Aya's father since she tried helping her. More farther into the game shows Aya into a kind nurse and Maria still with Aya but much more happier than Aya's father.

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