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First, he argues that the idea of nostalgia is not new; it is developed as a symptom reflecting disorder of body for centuries. But what is interesting for Boyer about the idea of nostalgia is that nostalgia is found somehow connected with the notion of nation. That is to say, nostalgia is somehow related with nationalism. In this context, miss for the homeland generates love for everything in home country and then transformed to exclusion against foreign stuffs with desire of performing patriotism. But as it has been emphasized by Boyer, the usage of nostalgia is not as serious as it used to be. While in past time, nostalgia is realistic and strengthened by limitation of technology, people's feeling for this word now is relatively lighter due to advancement of society. After demonstration of heaviness of the word nostalgia, Boyer goes on further to conclude that nostalgia in some levels is justified as the physical state of nationalism. And relates this point to discussion of Ostalgie, it is just theoretically impossible to think Ostalgie to be East German's nostalgia. Since nostalgia is connected with the combination of nationalism and departure from nation, it would be very hard to think the cheerful event of reunification become a source of it.

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