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Volcano Rabbit


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Unlike many species of rabbits (and similar to pikas), the volcano rabbit emits very high-pitched sounds instead of thumping its feet on the ground to warn other rabbits of danger. It is crepuscular and is highly active during twilight, dawn and all times in between. Populations have been estimated to have approximately 150–200 colonies with a total population of 1,200 individuals over their entire range. The last confirmed sighting of the species at Nevado de Toluca (where no permanent colony has been historically documented) occurred in August 2003 when just a single volcano rabbit was observed. Since 1987, research conducted by Hoth et al. , in relation to the distribution of the Volcano Rabbit already found no records of this species in the Nevado de Toluca, including the site where Tikul Álvarez (IPN) collected a specimen in 1975 (Nevado de Toluca, 4 km S, 2 km W Raíces, 3350 masl). Although no permanent colony has been documented in Nevado de Toluca, the volcano rabbit was declared "extinct" within this portion of its range in 2018; populations exist elsewhere within the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt and in captivity.

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