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Year 3000 Jonas Brothers Album


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The music video for the Jonas Brothers' cover was directed by Andrew Bennett and produced by Justin Cronkite. It begins with the band entering a decorated garage, where they take their instruments: Nick and Kevin pick guitars, and Joe first plays the keyboard, then uses a microphone. As they play the intro, Nick comes home on a bike. He starts singing while the video's story side views him noticing a flash of light next door. He goes over there, and is joined by Joe and Kevin. Their neighbour "Peter" shows them that he made a time machine. However, this one is different from the one in Busted's video. This one is Pete's sofa rather than the car. While they continue to play the song, they enter the time machine, and when in the year 3000 they are in an all-white room. There they see girls with round, pink hair instead of three triple-breasted girls in Busted's. At the bridge, the girls show the band their 7th album, and the album by Kelly Clarkson that their album outsold rather than Michael Jackson. Later, one of the girls shows Joe the city on the outside, while another shows Kevin the band's "great-great-great granddaughters". Towards the end of the song, the brothers jump into the time machine and return to their own time. At the end of the song, Nick sings, while Joe claps the rhythm and Kevin plays the ending riff on his guitar.

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